The Power of Stories


The power of knowing our parents’ life stores brings in understanding, love, connection and appreciation. This is a powerful healing of our ancestors. Although we can’t change the fact they didn’t fulfill their dreams and we can’t fulfill that for them, the understanding takes us to the place of peace and power.

I used to feel shame of where i came from and what my parents did. I felt that they didn’t provide me well enough. When i first dived in the healing process of the wound of original family, i was told to talk to them and find out about what they went through.

i called my mom and asked her tons of questions, such as the reasons of certain decisions, the background stories, how she was brought up.

i felt awaken after i took in all the stories that i never knew before. i gained a new perspective. I tried to put myself in her own shoes and asked myself this question: ” would i be able to do differently if i was her at that age?” The answer is unknown but my empathy grew for my parents. I was able to step out of the stories that kept me stuck for a long time, which is I am a victim of my original family.

No, I am not a victim. I was just stuck in a story that I had been telling myself for the longest time. Even when the time has changed, my surrounding has been different, I was still living in that story. I only need to change the way I tell my story and start to live in the new version of myself.

This is the power of the stories and we need stories.


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