Training and Workshop

Shamanic Counseling

Do you want to learn more about shamanism? Whether you are a seasoned practitioner or beginner, you may find benefits in Shamanic Counseling developed by Michael Harner and his wife Sandra Harner.

In Shamanic Counseling, clients are taught to perform the classic shamanic journey on their own behalf with the guidance of a trained Shamanic Counselor. Instead of seeking the divination and healing from a community Shaman or a Shamanic Practitioner, clients journey to experience and seek the wisdom and wellbeing in the dream time. The result is usually surprisingly practical and insightful. This is the way to establish ones’ spiritual autonomy and find power in themselves.

If I can give an analogy on Shamanic Counseling, it is like you have a personal trainer in the gym for the improvements of your workout. As the role of shamanic counselor, I provide tips, supports, extra tools and guidance according to your shamanic journey experience and you will be the one who journeys to the spiritual realm and find direct connection with your helping spirits and receive direct teachings and healing from them. Moreover, I will be holding space for you on a one-on-one 6-week spiritual adventure.

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