Shamanic Healing Treatments


Being a Shamanic Practitioner is like being a bridge between the other realm and our day to day life. My role is to be the communicator between the client and my helping spirits.

After a client contacts with me , I’ll start the work with a basic divination to get the information from my helping spirits and see if any treatments or what treatments can be done for the clients. The first basic divination is free.

Shamanic Healing cannot be done like ordering food from the menu. The treatments given to the client in the particular sessions are instructed by my helping spirits. After reviewing the message of my basic divination, client decides if he/she would like to go ahead.

2.Shamanic Healing:

Not all divination comes with healing. If treatments were instructed by my helping spirits, I’ll notify the client. The client can decide if he/she would like to go ahead and book an appointment.

3. Shamanic Counseling:

In Shamanic Counseling, clients are taught to perform the classic shamanic journey on their own behalf with the guidance of a trained Shamanic Counselor. Instead of seeking the divination and healing from a community Shaman or a Shamanic Practitioner, clients journey to experience and seek the wisdom and wellbeing in the dream time. The result is usually surprisingly practical and insightful. This is the way to establish ones’ spiritual autonomy and find power in themselves.


Some treatments that I offer:

1. Power Animal/Spiritual Guide Retrieval: Connect the client with the spiritual power.

2. Extraction: Removing the energy that doesn’t belong to the client.

3. Power Soul Retrieval: Restoring the soul parts the client lost after traumatic experiences.

4. Empowerment: Bringing the healing power of my helping spirits to the client.

5. Psychopomp: Taking the soul cross over to the light and/or checking the status of the family member who passed away.


-What kind of question can a client ask?

The questions can vary. I have people asking me questions about health, marriage, relationship, self-development, lost pets, family who passed away, career, a big trip, family issues, ancestral connection or general well-being.

I usually encourage my clients to go to the the centre of their heart and ask themselves:”What do I really want to achieve in this healing session?” It helps a great deal by asking the open-ended questions that start with “What”, “Where”, “How” and “Why” instead of Yes/No questions.

Helping spirits are here to guide us, give us perspectives and spiritual healing, not to make decisions for us. The purpose of Shamanic healing is to restore our power to walk on earth with our freewill and power.