Fees and Appointment

-How to Book Your Healing Sessions:

1.Choose the Location: I offer Distant Healing and In Person Healing session.

In person session is limited to clients who are able to visit my studio. I do not provide healing session at client’s home.

2. Steps:

(1)Setting A Question: All healing sessions starts with an email. We will discuss the detail of the question you would like to work on. You do not need to provide great details on the question. It can be a summary. Sometimes it takes extra time to set up a question that you really want to ask. It is perfectly alright and normal because we would like to make sure this is “the” question and the intention is clear.

(2) Initial Divination (Getting Information): Once the question is setup and the intention is clear, a free initial divination with my helping spirits can be schedule with the link below.


Since my helping spirits and I work as a team, this is a necessary step. With your question and permission, I will ask my helping spirits if we can be of help on your healing path. If the answer is Yes, messages and/or treatments we can offer will be given. You will be informed by my email.

(3)Your Time to Digest the Initial Divination and Q&A: After you receive the initial divination email, feel free to ask questions regarding the process of the treatments, what you need you know, your concerns, fees and so forth. Take time to feel in your heart and see if it resonates with your inner knowing before you proceed to book your appointments.

If you feel it is right for you, please go ahead with the next step.

(4)Making An Appointment: If you decide to go ahead with the treatment(s), please use the following link to book your appointment.

Distant Healing Appointment Page:


Make an appointment according to the order you received in the initial divination email. Every treatment has to be apart for at least 21 days. The payment has to be prepaid on PayPal to secure your spot.

In Person Healing Appointment: Please email to schedule.

Note: The payment for in person sessions has to be prepaid on either Paypal or E-Transfer. I do not take cash.


– Distant Shamanic Healing Session

CAD 80/Session

– In Person Shamanic Healing Session

CAD 80/Session

– Connecting with Souls that have passed and Psychopomp Session

CAD 50/Session

– Reiki (Both Distant and In Person)

CAD 80

Note: Any cancellation or rescheduling has to be proposed at least 2 days before the original time. This way we respect both of our time. If you give notice less than 2 days, you forgot the appointment or being late for over 15 minutes, the prepaid fee will not be returned.