3 Magic Words In A Couple Relationship

Reflecting on this today.

Bert Hellinger:

I tell another secret: I know three magic words for a happy couple’s relationship. They are: Yes. Please. Thank you. You can even close your eyes and imagine this:

We look to our partner to whom we have a close relationship, and he looks us in the eye. Then everyone says to another: “Yes, I agree with you, as you are. To me you are right, as you are. Yes, I love you, exactly as you are. I love your mother, exactly as she is. I love your father, exactly as he is. I love your family as it is, as equal to mine. ” Yes is the first magic word.
Then comes the second magic word. Both look at each other and say to each other: “Please Please support me in my own way.” What changes in the soul simply by the word ‘please’? It opens the heart and lets the love flow.
Then comes the third magic word. Both look at each other, and each says the other “Thank you. Thank you Thank you..” There are so many ways to say thank you, for example, when the partner prepares a common meal, when he listens patiently and shares an advice or when he shows his love with maybe even the smallest gesture.

From the book of Bert Hellinger: My Life, My Work

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