Thank You For Being On My Path

In the past few years, I met many people from all walks of life in my Shamanic practice. I always feel grateful that people are openly sharing their vulnerable moments and stories with me. On the surface, as a Shamanic practitioner, I seem to be the person who is giving the healing and clients are the receiving end. However, I always feel that on the deeper level, it is a mutual relationship when it comes to giving and receiving. I learn so much from these precious interactions with my clients.
I feel I get to reach people’s souls covered by layers of wrapping papers. People are not just what they show on the outside. Underneath there somewhere, there is always a source of strength, wisdom, power, potentiality, and openness. The most sacred thing on this path is to witness the transformation in people. I get to witness people go from powerless to empower, hopeless to hopeful, confused to peaceful and wise, depressed to heartened. I feel this is the most sacred part as a Shamanic practitioner; that is to witness the unlimited inner potential, power, and wisdom in everyone. For this, I give my gratitude.

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