Things to Know Before Your Distant Session



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(If you have already filled it out before, you do not need to do it again. If your healing location is different than where you were before, please email Mira to inform her your actual location on the day of your session. )

Reminder: Please mark the session on your calendar. Cancellation, change the time of your appointment less than 48 hours or being late for over 15 minutes will not be eligible for refund or reschedule. Please respect both of our time. Thank you. 🙂


Things to Know Before Your Distant Healing Session

1. Distance Healing has to be done in the same time slot for both parties. Please confirm your time zone or location with Mira before booking your session. Mira is located in Toronto, Canada, Eastern Time.

2. Before distance healing starts, Mira will email you to notify the healing session is going to start. If you are ready or not ready, please email Mira for communication.

3. Please stay in a quiet room or space where no one will disturb you during the session. This includes your devices, like phone, computer, ipad…etc. It is better you can lie down so that you can fully relaxed. .

4. Keep your heart open.

(1) If the session includes Extraction which is to take away the energy that doesn’t belong or no longer serves you, set an intention in your heart to release the things that no longer serve you. These might be emotion, memory, thoughts, problems, and feeling. Think of it once, and then let it go. Just relax.

(2) If the session includes Power Animal Retrieval or Soul Retrieval, just keep your heart open and welcome your power to come back to you.

5. During the distance healing, you might experience various sensations or you might not feel anything. This is totally normal. Every individual senses energy differently every time. Here are some examples my clients reported back. If you don’t have the same feeling, it is perfectly fine and normal.
Some said they heard high pitch sound. Some experienced the temperature change in the room or their bodies. Some smelled incense. Some felt light electrical current. Some fell asleep and have dreams. Some said they have memories came back to them. Some just cried.

6. It usually takes about 30-60 mins for the session. Please make sure you have this period of time all to yourself.

7. After healing is done, Mira will email you to let you know. You do not need to pay attention to her notification. If you can help, please turn off your phone or devices. Stay in your own zone. You might still be sleeping, dreaming or immersing in your own thoughts. No rush to get up. When you feel ready, that’s the time you get up even if it’s the next morning. 

8. If there’s any messages from Mira’s helping spirits, she will email you the details.

9. Please drink a glass of water when you get up. If circumstance permitted, take a shower.

10. If you have any question, please feel free to email Mira.

11. The cancellation has to be made at least 48 hours before. If cancellation is made less than two days, no show or being late for over 15 mins, CAD50 will be charged on client’s payment of method.


About Shamanic Treatments:

Here are some Shamanic methods that I use. Shamanic Healing can’t be done like ordering from the menu. The methods that I’ll use for the client in the particular sessions are instructed by my helping spirits. Client can choose if he/she would like to go ahead or not.

1. Power Animal/Spiritual Guide Retrieval: Connect the client with the spiritual power.

2. Extraction: Removing the energy that doesn’t belong to the client.

3. Soul Retrieval: Restoring the soul parts the client lost after traumatic experiences.

4. Empowerment: Bringing the healing power of my helping spirits to the client.

5. Psychopomp: Taking the soul cross over the the light and/or checking the status of the family member who passed away.